• Obama Bemoans the Mistrust of Police as He Feeds the Mistrust of Police

    obama at black caucus

    obama at congresssional black caucus

    Marquette, MI - Monday September 29, 2014 – Obama creates an atmosphere of Mistrust, then complains about mistrust.

    In a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus (an organization whose existence depends on racial tension) President Obama told listeners that racial profiling is hurting America. Accusing police of stopping people who are: “walking while black, or driving while black judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness”, Obama perpetuates the stereotype of police held by many in his community.

    So stereotyping is bad, unless it is someone the president doesn’t like. Why do I …read more

  • Attorney General Holder Resigning

    Scandals - Eric Holder

    Scandals – Eric Holder

    Marquette Mi - Friday September 26, 2014 – Where Will They Find Another A.G. Who Is Willing To Break The Law?

    Long Time Friend and Co-Conspirator Eric Holder will be leaving his office as the top law enforcement officer in the United States. Some people are sad to see him go – mostly the same people who defend everything done by the Obama Administration (no matter how unsavory or criminal).

    The Obama Administration has been plagued by scandal since its inception. Not just accusations by nutty people who hate the president… that honor goes to …read more

  • Obama Never Surprises… but Ususally Disappoints

    Obama at U.N.

    Obama at U.N.

    Marquette, MiThrusday September 25, 2014 – If Nothing Else… the President is Predictable!

    When President Obama spoke to the world the other day, he ran through the list of all the troubles facing our planet… some that he didn’t even cause!

    While we need to be concerned about the eternal war in the middle east, and the increasing violence by terrorists, and the rise of radical groups who seek to destabalize the region, and the wars / famine / health problems in Africa… and the list goes on…

    According to the President (and his administration) it’s important …read more

  • Eagle Mine Up and Running

    Eagle Mine

    Eagle Mine

    Marquette, MI – Wednesday September 24, 2014 – Upper Michigan Mine Begins General Operations

    After years of addressing legitimate concerns, battling eco-nuts and well financed whiners, the Eagle Mine has finally begun operations. Some say the 300 jobs at the mine are not as important as the potential hazard, and others believe the safety systems in place will keep their wost fears from materializing.

    From the beginning, legitimate objections were drowned out by the ranting of those who would do ANYTHING to stop the mine – honesty be damed! From the creation of an “Eagle Rock” myth to …read more

  • National Voter Registration Day

    voter registration day

    voter registration day

    Marquette, MiTuesday September 23, 2014 – Are You Registered to Vote?

    Today is National Voter Registraton Day. The day even has its own web site! (www.nationalvoterregistrationday.org. Plans include armies of volunteers (and probably paid activists) going “where no man has gone before” to register people who don’t know how or where to register. I think the goal is worthy – get people registered so they can vote. But I must wonder about those who actually don’t know how or where to register… If you don’t know that – …read more

  • Climate Change March Misguided?

    climate march

    climate march

    Marquette, Mi - Monday September 22, 2014 – Nationwide Marches Show Dedication to the religion of Climate Change

    Whatever happened to the ban on religion on our college campuses? A professor at Northern Michigan University led a march in Marquette this past Sunday as part of a national “People’s Climate March”. The myth of “man-made climate change” is far more religion than science, yet it is taught in schools from elementary to college. Organizers hope this might convince the United Nations to force the U.S. to take part in a global co2 treaty – which will …read more

  • Animal Cruelty Needs Harsher Penalties

    Unhappy Cows

    Unhappy Cows

    Marquette, MI – Friday September 19, 2014 – Dairy Farm Fires Abusers – Not Harsh Enough!

    After watching very disturbing video of animal abuse at a dairy farm in New Mexico, I feel the abusers got off far too easy with simply losing their jobs.

    Those who abuse animals should receive a taste of the abuse they delivered. I believe this is true of all abusers. If you abuse an adult, child, or animal I believe you should receive a dose of the same abuse you deliver. Beat a child… someone with the same advantage over you …read more

  • NFL Under Fire for Violence Off the Field



    Marquette, Mi – Thursday September 18, 2014 – How Big Is The Problem?

    The NFL is making more headlines off the field than on the field recently. From knockout punches on women to child abuse, there seem to be new charges daily. Nobody condones violence against others (especially those most vulnerable) and one must wonder if the NFL is worse than the population in general.

    It is possible that behavior is covered up and excused by those protecting athletes (like all celebrities actually); but it is equally possible that we are becoming more aware of the problems in the …read more