• Why are Democrats Upset with Higher Rates?

    democrat whiner

    democrat whiner

    Marquette, Mi – October 23, 2014 – Dem Dreams of High Costs Are Coming True – And They’re Not Happy?

    I’ve seen and heard many people voice their concern over Electricity Rate Increases about to hit Upper Michigan. I am also unhappy about the hefty subsidy we will all be paying to keep power flowing to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula… but I’m also confused by the democrat whining.

    For years MOST of those who call themselves democrats have been vocal in support of the war on coal – which powers most of our electricity needs. Those who weren’t vocally …read more

  • Democrat Candidates to Obama – Please Stop Helping Us

    obamacare hurts

    obamacare hurts

    Marquette, MI – October 22, 2014 – Obama Doing More Harm Than Good

    Ad Democrat Candidates across the country are running from the president, he can’t seem to take a hint. While Democrats refuse to acknowledge they even voted FOR the president, In a recent interview with Al Sharpton (click to hear the Sharpton song), Obama told Sharpton even if these people don’t want him around, they have supported him with their votes… and will again if they win.

    This is NOT what these candidates want people to hear. They are trying to convince voters they do NOT …read more

  • Pot Smokin Teachers Support Obama’s Healthy Food Agenda – FOR OTHERS

    Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant

    Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

    Marquette, Mi - October 18, 2014 – None of the food in Obama’s healthy food mandate would satisfy a teacher on Pot

    St Ignace Teacher Arrested for Pot Distrubution

    Remember, people are innocent until proven guilty, but a teacher in St. Ignace was arrested for distributing Pot… something her medical Marijuana Card does not permit.

    …read more

  • Biden Booted for Bad Behavior


    Marquette, MI – October 17, 2014 -Cocaine Causes “Administrative Discharge” for Biden

    Joe Biden’s son, Hunter was given a “misconduct discharge” form the navy due to cocaine use. It will be interesting to see if his discharged is classified as such.

    He needed a waiver to get in becuase of his age, and another waiver because of drug use as a young man. The drug waiver is not uncommon for those who made mistakes when young, but see the error of their ways.

    One must wonder if Biden’s time in the navy was intended to …read more

  • Bionic Eye – A Medical Marvel!



    Marquette, MIOctober 16, 2014 – Medical Advances Make Anything Seem Possible

    A North Carolina Man has been given an amazing gift – one that has only been realized in dreams and science fiction.

    The “bionic eye” as it is being called is not the eye we’ve seen in the movies, or in the old tv show “The Six Million Dollar Man”. (The title shows you how old the show is… remember when 6 million seemed like a lot of money? the government spent that in less time than you have already spent reading this).

    The eye does …read more

  • School System Going to Pot?

    Marijuana Plant

    Marijuana Plant

    Marquette, MiOctober 14, 2015 – U.P. Teacher Arrested on Drug Charges

    Remembering that people are Deemed Innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt (unless they are republicans) this story is aching for a comment.

    The teacher in question has been with the district 12 years, and just took over as band director. She has a medical marijuana card but is being accused of distributing as well. Some are coming to the teacher’s defense, and some are posting nasty comments. The most appropriate comments seem to be those that say teachers are called …read more

  • Columbus Day – Worth Celebrating?

    columbus day

    columbus day

    Marquette, MIOctober 13, 2014 – Many Malign the man and the holiday

    Today is Collumbus Day, celebrated by many noting Comubus’ discover of land on October 12, 1492 on what he intended to be a voyage to India. the day is celebrated and opposed by people across the American continents.

    Those celebrating Columbus admire his courage and daring. Others say he never “discovered” anything and he simply got lost. If you use Webster’s definition of “discover” – to see find or become of something for the first time.. or to make something known… or to …read more

  • Obama Perfect Example of Democrat Hypocricy



    Marquette, MI - October 10,2014 – Rich Donors Pay $10,000 to Hear Obama as he Complains About the Rich

    Nobody should be surprised that President Obama complained about the rich not paying their fair share. Still, I bet those listening to the president at a recent fund-raiser would be surprised to know he was complaining about THEM even as they paid over $30,000 per person to get a picture with the HYPOCRITE – IN – CHIEF.

    This was not even his first fund-raiser of the day… He had just come from a an event will Billionaire George Soros, when he …read more

  • Do Students Actually Get DUMBER in College?



    Marquette, MI – October 9, 2014 – Harvard Interviews Show Disturbing Views

    A recent video has made a few more people ask the question I’ve been asking for some time: “What are Kids Learning on Campus?” The following question was posed to students at Harvard “Who is a bigger threat to world peace – The USA or ISIS?” Students believe that the USA is the bigger threat.

    Colleges have long been a breeding ground for liberal thought (and I use the term thought very loosely). While some professors would find success in any walk …read more